Counselling Centre

The Ƶ Counselling & Support Centre is professional counselling offered at an affordable rate because final-year counselling students are facilitating the session under the mentorship of an experienced registered counsellor. Your session will assist you to identify your desired outcomes and provide appropriate guidance or intervention to open new horizons for you as you take this journey to wellbeing. In this safe, friendly environment you can be assured that you will be valued as an individual and helped as you take a necessary journey to a more fulfilled life.

If you are Ƶ student this service is free, but anyone can access for a small fee of $20 per hour.


Ada Steyn

Head of the Counselling Centre

I am the Head of the Ƶ Counselling Centre as well as the Counselling Practicum Coordinator and lecturer at Ƶ.

My educational background consists of a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Criminology, and a Master’s in Sociology and Counselling.

Bio and Personal Info/Interests:

I have a passion for working with people. For many years I was involved in aspects of church leadership and managing different counselling centres. Prior to coming to work at Ƶ, I was working as a Counsellor in South Africa for over 15 years. I Immigrated almost 7 years ago to this beautiful country with my family and have been working at Ƶ since 2019. I have been married for 30 years and have 2 adult daughters. I have a passion for painting and gardening, and I equally love a good cup of coffee.

Personal Testimony:

I came to personal faith in Jesus Christ as a young child and this faith has been my strength and guidance most of my life.

Bachelor of Psychology and Criminology
Master of Sociology and Counselling

My name is Tiffany Yuen, and I am in my last year of my Master in Counselling at Ƶ. I am passionate about working with adolescents and young adults. I also work as an Occupational Therapist, who work with people with disabilities.

I respect and value each individual’s life journey. My goal is to support you to experience meaning in your journey, and to find strength, hope and freedom. I believe in a holistic approach that acknowledges the interaction between physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of a person.

“Between the stimulus and response, there is a space. And in that space lies our freedom and power to choose our responses. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” – Viktor Frankl

I grew up in Asia, and have moved to Australia in my teenage years. I respect different cultures and the unique values that they bring. In my free time, I enjoy taking a walk in the nature with my dog.

It would be my privilege to journey with you.

Master of Counselling Student at Ƶ
Bachelor in Occupational Therapy.

Hello, I’m Tram. I am currently completing my Masters in Counselling.

I have a deep appreciation for simple joys in life like the beach, a delicious cup of coffee, working out, food, rainy weather, and stimulating conversations.

I am a trauma-informed student, with a focus on relationships. I genuinely value and honour your unique experiences in life. My heart is to understand your world ensuring a space filled with safety, trust, authenticity, transparency, compassion, freedom and hope.

Every person I meet is uniquely beautiful, and because of that, I embrace a flexible approach, weaving in different perspectives and methods that may effectively help and support you.

Every person desires to be seen, heard and understood.

In the words of Rogers, “People are just as wonderful as sunsets if I can let them be….”

I appreciate the opportunity to see, hear, and understand you. Please, come as you are.

Master of Counselling student at Ƶ
Trauma-informed student

My name is Adam Khoo and I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Counselling at Ƶ.

Throughout my career, I have gained experience working with children and adolescents in my role as a chaplain at a state school and a church pastoral youth worker. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree with an extended major in Psychology, which has enhanced my understanding of the human mind and behaviour.

I believe that everyone possesses great potential and is capable of transformative personal growth. Guided by this belief in the inherent potential of every person, I strive to empower my clients to discover their strengths, overcome challenges, and lead fulfilling lives.

I regularly organise board game nights with my friends and family and love playing the guitar during my free time.

Master of Counselling student at Ƶ

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

Certificate in chaplaincy and pastoral care

Master of Counselling Student at Ƶ

Rachel Tattersall

Masters of Counselling Student

B.A. (Japanese)

Graduate Diploma Outdoor Education

Graduate Diploma Secondary Education

Rachel has lived in the Pacific, Asia and Australia and has 13 years experience living and working in a community made up for 20+ different nationalities. She understands the importance of understanding your culture and providing a safe, supportive and confidential space. You will be able to talk through your thoughts and feelings or share your worries or experiences at your own pace.

Rachel has worked with adults and teenagers in the outdoors, including youth-at-risk programs and international boarding schools. She loves getting out for a trail run or sitting and enjoying a view with friends. Her nieces enjoy going camping with Rachel and her husband.

Masters of Counselling Student